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25 BPM Studio is a professional recording studio capable of capturing the sounds of any project, be it a world music ensemble or a full RAWk band. The studio uses ProTools; UAD and RME interfaces; True Systems, Presonus, Warm Audio, and Mackie pre amps; AKG, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, and Shure microphones. We have a variety of instruments including DW, Ludwig and Sonor drums; Fender, Gk, and Hartke amplifiers; Yamaha, Moog, Wurlitzer, and Hammond keyboards and a plethora of percussion instruments. 

Our specialty is the art of live recording. Chadzilla has long believed in the benefits of musicians sharing the musical moment together, especially when attempting to capture the sound of now. Through his music career he has compiled the gear, the experience and the ears to meet your musical and creative needs.

Chadzilla believes that EVERYONE has a voice and deserves to be heard! 


25 BPM Studio is conveniently located in the Washington Park area of Denver, and our rates are affordable and fair. For rates, to schedule a free consultation, have a look at the studio, or to schedule your recording sessions, 



Chad's been involved in the production of many, MANY albums over the years. To see a complete list of his Discography including the albums he has produced and engineered, 


Chad "Chadzilla" Johnson at 25 BPM Studio has been a part of the Dyrty Byrds team from the beginning. Whether it's producing, co-writing, engineering, or playing/singing parts for us, he is always there to let us know what the song needs (or doesn't need). Chadzilla is a true musician in every way, which makes him pure gold in the control room. The new Dyrty Byrds abum Failure Is Feedback wouldn't be what its is without Chadzilla and his meticulous touch.

-Eric Martinez, Dyrty Byrds

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