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The Little Swimmers- "Italy State of Mind" - House of Rock 2022

Co-wrote, produced, bass, drums, keyboards, guitar, vocals

Anonymonkey- "Human Suit" - 2022

Composed, produced, bass, vocals, Keyboards, percussion, engineered, mixed 


Robot Tennis Club- "305" (single) - 2022

Produced, engineered, mixed, mastered

See Caspian Sea- Seasons -2022


Anonymonkey- "Time To Bounce" (single) - 2022

Wrote, produced, bass, engineered, mixed, mastered

Chadzilla- "The Next Breath" (single) - 2021

Composed, produced, bass, guitar, vocals, engineered, mixed, mastered

The Deborah Solo Trio- "Not Your Daisy" - 2021

Co-wrote, produced, drums, bass, vocals, keyboards, engineered, mixed, mastered

Anonymonkey- "DFF" (single) - 2021

Produced, co-wrote, bass, vocals, mixed, mastered

Chadzilla- "The Phucket List" (single) - 2021

Composed, drums, vocals, produced, engineered, mixed 

Anonymous Associates- "blehhh" - House of Rock 2021

Co-wrote, produced, drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals

Kevin Wagner- "Dance The Night Away" - 2021

Co-wrote, Drums, Bass, Programming, Vocals, Mixed, Mastered

Kevin Wagner- "K Ice" 2021

Co-wrote, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Programming, Vocals, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Chadzilla- "Canned Excitement (A Musical Retrospective 1983-2020)" - 2021

Composition, Engineered, Drums, Programming, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion, Mixed, Mastered


See Caspian Sea- "Dream Line" 2020

Mixed, Mastered

The Math Debate Club- "Evening Brunch" 2020

Drums, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Chadzilla- "Patriotism"  (Single) 2020

Composition, Drums, Lead Vocals, Synth Bass, Mixed, Mastered

Sonic Cinema- "Bust The Cage" (Single) 2020

Co-wrote, Drums, Lead Vocals

Chadzilla- "In My Skin" 2020

Composition, Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Programming, Vocals, Percussion 

Chadzilla and JL Universe- “Words” (Single) 2020

Composition, Produced, Engineered, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Mixed, Mastered

.ORC- ".ORC" 2020

Composition, Produced, Engineered, Drums, Vocals, Keyboards, Co Mixed

Deborah Solo Trio- "Oblivious" (Single) 2020

Produced, Engineered, Drums, Bass, Vocals, Mixed, Mastered

Jeff Wahl- "Jazz on a Classical Guitar" 2020

Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Peter Berglund- "Under a Shadow of Blue" 2020

Drums, Percussion

Kevin McNearny- “Behind in My Work” 2020

Produced, Mixed, Mastered

Brice Maiurro and Chadzilla- “Everything’s On Fire” (Poem and Music Collection) 2020

Produced, Drums, Bass, Percussion, Mixed, Mastered

Kevin Wagner- “Energy Power” (EP) 2020

Co Wrote, Produced, Keyboards, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Programming, Mixed, Mastered

Paul Iwancio- “How We Roll Now” 2019

Drums, Percussion

Kevin Wagner- “Make A Change” (Single) 2019

Co Wrote, Produced, Keyboards, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Programming, Mixed, Mastered

Dado Sa and the Boutique Bossa Jazz Group- 2019

Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Beverly Tinnell- "Influenced" 2019

Drums, Percussion 

Chadzilla- “Soft Side” (Single) 2019

Composition, Produced, Engineered, Guitar, Keyboard, Programming, Bass, Vocals, Mixed, Mastered


Jaackstache- “Son Of Zilla” (Single) 2019

Co Wrote, Produced, Keyboards, Programming, Mixed, Mastered


Sawyer Ward- “Up To Now” 2019

Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Jeff Wahl- "The Hymns Album" 2019

Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered


The Snake Report- “The Snake Report” House of Rock 2019

Co Wrote, Produced, Vocals, Percussion, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards


Chadzilla- “My Wheels” (Single) 2019

Composition, Produced, Engineered, Drums, Bass, Vocals, Mixed, Mastered


Miguel Espinoza Flamenco Fusion- “Turtle Dreams” 2019

Co Produced, Engineered, Mixed


Chadzilla- “Anonymonkey” 2019

Composition, Produced, Engineered, Drums, Keyboard, Guitar, Percussion, Programming,Vocals, Mixed, Mastered


Synthesis and the Swindle- “Dr. Planet Saves the Moon” 2018

Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Drums, Vocals


Soulverware- “Sell Me Your Soulverware” House of Rock 2018

Co Wrote, Produced, Vocals, Percussion, Drums, Bass, Guitar


Jeff Wahl- “The Standards Album” 2018

Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered


Jeff Wahl- “Jeff’s Wall” 2018

Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered


Lost Walks- “Wolf, Woman, Man” 2017

Produced, Engineered, Co-mixed, Drums, Vocals


Liz Marvin- “Bright Light” 2017

Produced, Engineered, Drums, Bass, Percussion, Mixed, Mastered


Jeff Wahl- “Playing With Silence” 2017

Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered


Finding Michael- “Finding Michael” House of Rock 2017

Co Wrote, Produced, Vocals, Percussion, Drums, Bass, Guitar 


Tyler Lee and the Ragers- “Adrift” (EP) 2017

Produced, Engineered, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Mixed, Mastered


Chadzilla- “Rinse and Repeat” (Single) 2017

Composition, Produced, Engineered, Drums, Keyboard, Programming, Vocals, Mixed, Mastered


Odyle- “Odyle” (EP) 2017

Produced, Engineered, Drums, Vocals, Synth bass, Percussion, Mixed


Little Car- “Splinters” (EP) 2017

Produced, Engineer, Vocals, Percussion, Mixed, Mastered


Little Star- “Celestine” - 2016

Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Dyrty Byrds- "Failure is Feedback" (2016)

Produced, Engineered, Mixed; Vocals, Percussion

Dado Sa- "Studio Live" EP (2015)

Drums, Percussion, Vocals


Kate Eaton- "King of Love" (2015)

Co-produced, Engineered, Arranged, Mixed; Percussion, Synth, Guitar, Electric Bass, Vocals


Cali and Erin- "Indigo" (2014)

Produced, Mixed, Mastered; Guitar, Percussion


Ignatius Reilly- "Tearing the Skies Apart" (2015)

Produced, Mixed, Mastered


Ignatius Reilly- Self-titled EP (2014)

Produced, Mixed, Mastered


Erin and Cali- "The Beginning" (2013)

Produced, Mixed, Mastered; Guitar


Dyrty Byrds- "Zeitgeist" (2012)
Co-produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered; Percussion, Vocals


Miss Jesse Lane- “Vanishing Point” (2012)
Produced, Mixed, Mastered; Guitar


Slim Cessna’s Auto Club- “Unentitled” (2011)
Drums, Vocals


Adam Stern- “High Country Gentleman” (2011)
Co-produced, Engineered; Drums, Keyboards, Drum loops


Mojo Watson- “Geechy Woman” (2011)
Drums, Vocals


Chadzilla- “View From The Backseat” (2010)
Compsoed, Produced; Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Bass guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Sounds


Munly and the Lupercalians- “Petr and the Wulf” (2010)
Drums, Vocals


Bill McKay- “Bill McKay” (2010)
Co-produced, Engineered; Background vocals, Percussion


Pile Of Priests- Self-titled EP (2010)


Ska Skank Redemption- Self-titled EP (2010)


Jeff Wahl- "Christmas Guitar” (2009)


Eric Hood- “Off The Track” (2009)
Produced; Drums, Piano, Bass, Percussion


Adam Stern- “Twang Shui” (2009)
Produced; Drums


Jeff Wahl- “Light in the Darkness” (2008)


Istari World Percussion- “Istari” (2008)
Composed, Produced; Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals


Emma Henry- “Easy Peasy” (2008)

Produced, Engineered, Mixed; Drums, Bass


Mark Gilligan and Linda Storey- “The Lodger Inside Of Me” and “Make Some Noise” (2008)



Elea Plotkin- “Covers for Lovers” (2007)
Produced; Drums, Bass, Keyboard, Loops, Percussion, Vocals


Double Parked- Self-titled EP (2007)
Produced; Drums, Vocals


Bullmary- "Seven" (2007)
Co-produced; Drums


Michael Bishop- “Michael Bishop” (2006)



Polytoxic- "The First Step" (2005)

Produced; Drums, Vocals


Tarantella- “Esqueletos” (2005)
Drums, Vocals


Kim Quirk and the Big, Bad Band- “Live at Lunch - KRFC 88.9 FM” (2004)

Drums, Vocals


Marco DiFerreira- “Gypsy Within” (2004)



Hotfoot- “Hotfoot Live” (2004)

Drums, Vocals


Beyond The Cave- “Beyond The Cave” (2002)
Drums, Percussion, Vocals


Perpetual Motion- “Surfing On Cloud Nine” (1997)
Drums, Percussion, Vocals


Freak Boy #9- “Freaky EP” (1995)

Composition; Drums, Vocals


The Garden Weasels- “Hey, Sue Us” (1994)

Drums, Vocals


Perpetual Motion- “Ready, Willing and Able” (1993)
Drums, Percussion


Strange Brew- “Bust The Cage” (1990)

Composition; Drums, Vocals


The Cocarolas- Self-titled EP (1988)

Drums, Vocals


Gateway High School Jazz Ensemble- “87/88” (1988)



The Jedis- “High Voltage” (1983)

Composed, Engineered, Mixed; Guitar, Vocals

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