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Look at me, I'm a blogger!

I can't wait to share stories of how "Anonymonkey" came to be: a true autobiographical musical journey of my life here in Denver as an artist, a teacher, a producer, an engineer, a thinker, a mentor, a funnyman, and a family man. I look forward to hearing feedback and to continuing the blog with stories of what's to come and more about my life in general. Thanks for tuning in, and stay tuned for my first "official" blog.

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Real Life Fairy Tale

Hand on the gun and a mouth on the run, crazy woman takes aim Shooting out the nonsense bible rifle, there’s no shame Someone thought she could lead people, what a silly game Waitress pistol hate fill


Oct 10, 2019

I have to it is awesome and it’s funny like every time when I take a Lyft always listen to it and also when I go for a run listen and I have a lot of favorite songs on there and I really can’t stop listening to it and now I’m a fan of that now


Apr 25, 2019

Aer you ready to rock


Jan 25, 2019

Love it, baby!! So proud of you. <3 <3 #anonymonkey #blogger

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